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Poser: a software developed by e-frontier (formerly called Curious Labs) therefore "Poser" with capital P is defined as a software.

With small p "poser" means a pompous ass i.e. a greedy, avaricious, degenerated puppet player trying to overcome the freudesque anal phase of his childhood which probably began too soon.

Here begins a GLOSSAR of the terms used in discussion boards, market places and other gathering sites relating to the posers using the Poser software mentioned above.

You may notice that the alphabetical order of the dick-tionary is reversed that is because REAL Poser posers cannot tell right from wrong anyway.

VENDOR means somebody who sells Poser items, gets them bought by comrades and in return buys items from the same friends. Aim of the game is to get as rich as possible. Also see Seller

TESTER means a person who is always a seller (=vendor) at the same time and checks how many comrades buy from the tested seller and how often this seller buys from the tester himself. A tester also stands for a scout incognito. Also see Seller, Vendor and Scout.

SELLER OF THE MONTH defines the person who has more comrades than others to buy from him or her during a certain period of time

SELLER JUNIOR (=vendor junior) means fresh flesh for older sellers and vendors, a source of inspiration for items to sell, really inspired young sellers getting loud to claim their copyrights are then defined by a glorious adjectives like crazy, insane... (see these words) to make sure that everybody knows how precious they are.

SELLER See Vendor.

SCOUT defines a person working within a group of comrades without imagination and hunting for inspiration in free downloads and products from others (mainly younger sellers); the scout is in charge of the adaptation by a big seller or a comrade as sole vendor or vendor group. Sometimes the "borrowed" ideas and products are re-worked to be distributed as freebies to show everyone how generous the new authors are. Also see Inspiration.

READ-ME means a text containing an email address you can send spam to and it will not be blocked; it also explains in details how talented the artist you just bought or downloaded from would like to be.

PRIVACY POLICY is meant as an entertainment reading for visitors of discussion boards or market places while they are downloading. The longer the privacy policy, the better the downloads.

MARKET PLACE means a place where Poser items are being sold and bought, a gathering of comrades who all buy one from the other and tell how talented they all are.

LICENSE is defined as a pseudo declaration by the market place pretending to respect the copyright and privacy policies. Of course this license document only serves the purpose to maintain peace within their shop and will not by any means be taken seriously by their authors.

INSPIRATION defines the most precious and rare quality which is handled on a black market through scouts

IMAGINATION is what a seller or vendor claims to have after scouts have provided them with inspiration. Also see Inspiration, Vendor, Seller, Scout.

CRAZY (=nuts, mad, insane, idiot and other synonyms) means an uncomfortable person: honest community members, copyright defenders, original authors of Poser items claiming their rights for their creations despite their works being stolen. Also customers who ask market places out loud why they do not keep the promised offers

COPYRIGHT POLICY is defined as a browser test for visitors of a market place or a discussion board. If a browser does not show the test properly the visitor should upgrade his browser or change it. Is also defined as a test for the visitors´eyesight.


Useful addresses of the main communities and shops for interested users or honest and inspired professionals with humor:

3d Commune
Runtime dna
DAZ 3d
Fairie Dreams